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Festival Bucket List: Wilderness Festival

Festival Bucket List: Wilderness Festival


What: Wilderness is an award winning family friendly festival that packs music, food, comedy, literature, relaxation and learning into a four-day weekend. It’s eclectic, it’s cool – it’s really everything you want in a festival.

Where: In the idyllic parklands of Oxfordshire’s Cornbury Estate in south east England.

When: Annually in August.


Capacity: 10,000 of the zaniest and colourful folk from across the county.

Fun fact: There are several workshops you can attend during the festival – this year’s selection included wilderness crafts, kite making courses, fly-fishing lessons and breathing classes.

Why should you go? You’ll feel like you’ve walked into a magical enchanted fairytale land that’s colourful, fun and inspirational. Even though it boasts headliners such as Bjork and George Clinton from Parliament, music kind of takes a back seat here to the excellent activities on display each day. There’s banquet feasts, fire-walking ceremonies, secret adventures and a sensory concert which sees you not just listen to the music, but taste, smell and feel it. It’s as mad as the Mad Hatter himself – who you might just see wandering around this huge festival.

Wilderness 2015

(Images: Wilderness Festival)

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