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Festival Bucket List: Fusion Festival, Germany

Festival Bucket List: Fusion Festival, Germany

(Photo: Fusion Festival/Facebook)

What: A festival that celebrates the best of counter-culture, Fusion Festival is a delightful German dance marathon that’s reasonably priced (95€ per ticket) and full of wild and wacky characters.

Where: It takes place at a former military airport called Müritz Airpark in Lärz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in north- east Germany.

When: Fusion usually takes place on last weekend of June or first weekend of July.

(Photo: Retinafunk/Flickr)

Capacity: 58,000 tickets are released to a equal-opportunity ballot system, and the tickets usually sell out within three hours.

Fun fact: The festival’s name is sometimes depicted in Cyrillic letters as Фузион, but pronounced as ‘fusion’.

Why should you go? Often referred to as Germany’s answer to Burning Man, this festival celebrates the weird and wonderful. You’ll see everyone from hippies to ravers and crust punks to nihilists dancing it out between sets here and there’s a huge selection of different musical styles presented, but the line-up is kept under lock and key until right before the festival. There’s even set “Party Breaks” during the festival, which encourages festival-goers to wind down, clean up the area and even visit some of the lesser known bands playing at the smaller stages. Fusion celebrates differences and experiments with the alternative – you’ll enter a parallel society where free thinkers, music lovers and fans of the experimental shine.


(Photo: Kapa123/Flickr)
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