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Ever Wondered What Goes On Behind The Scenes Of A Qantas Flight?

Ever Wondered What Goes On Behind The Scenes Of A Qantas Flight?

Ever curious about what happens to your luggage once it’s checked in at the airport? What about where flight attendants sleep on long haul flights? Or how a mega airline like Qantas manages to transport over 160,000 people across the globe each day? That and more will be answered in this new doco about our friends at Qantas, premiering tonight.

Ready For Take-off will go behind the scenes of this iconic Aussie airline to give the public an inside scoop into the goings on at Qantas. This eight-part series will see cameras go where they’re never gone before – into the nerve centre of Qantas’ global operation.

The series will follow everyone from the ground crew who check and prepare the planes before take-off, all the way to the pilots and air crew who look after passengers high in the sky. Told through the eyes of the cabin crew, engineers, caterers, trainers, ground staff and customer service managers that are able to get 50 million people safely to their destination year in, year out, Ready For Take-off will offer viewers a front row seat to the action.


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Whether it’s a major weather crisis or an A-list celebrity on a whirlwind tour, cameras have been given unprecedented access to all areas – you’ll be able to walk in the shoes of airport managers and even check out what it’s like hanging out in First Class.

You can catch this in depth look into Qantas’ personal life – this beats The Bachelorette any day – on Channel 9 from 7.30pm on Friday, October 30. If you miss an episode though, check out Nine’s catchup service Jump In after it airs.

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