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This Wine Bar Was Carved From A Historic Cave

This Wine Bar Was Carved From A Historic Cave

There are plenty of beautiful places to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine, but this architectural marvel is bloody hard to beat. Beneath the rocky hillside in the Basilicata region in Matera, southern Italy, a three-level winery has been carved right out of the rock.

Enoteca Dai Tosi winery opened in July following a design competition that asked architects to submit plans for the chance of bring their ideas to life. The winner of the design contest was Belgian studio architecten de vylder vinck taillieu.

With a blessing from Venetian owner Gian Paolo Buziol, the firm carved the three-level wine bar from the cave’s stone walls, resulting in a breathtaking structure. Buziol has since relocated his business to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed site, creating a unique space for wine lovers from all over the world to appreciate history, architecture and wine under the same stone roof.

Apart from the architectural and historical brilliance of the site, the interior design of the cave is truly breathtaking. Light fittings are made from blown green Venetian glass light up the space, while intricately carved tunnels allow guests to navigate between rooms. Wine racks are built into the walls, with individual grooves carefully cradling each bottle of vino.

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Oh, and there are over 300 different types of wine on offer. For more info on the Enoteca Dai Tosi winery, visit the website.

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(All Images: Enoteca Dai Tosi)

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