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A ‘Theme Park’ Dedicated To Italian Food Is Opening In November

A ‘Theme Park’ Dedicated To Italian Food Is Opening In November

This November, the theme park we may not have asked for but truly deserve will throw open its doors – and it’s all dedicated to Italian cuisine. Eataly World, the world’s largest agri-food park, is inspired by the goodness of pizza, pasta, wine and cheese.

Already a popular NYC foodie destination (albeit on a much smaller scale), the 80,000-square-metre estate will open its gates in Bologna, Italy, on November 15, with food producers from across the country expected to display their produce and provide a little insight into cultivation processes.


The sprawling establishment will also feature 40 farming factories where visitors can see Italian meats, cheeses and pasta in production – a true paddock-to-plate experience – as well as 40 restaurants and six educational theme park rides.

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More than 2000 organisations are set to participate in the $106 million project, creating an estimated 3000 jobs. When plans for the park were first revealed in 2014, Eataly CEO Oscar Farinatti said he expected the park to attract around 10 million visitors per year.

Entry is free, and guests have the option to explore the park via bike or guided tour. That is, if they can move after eating all that pasta.

(Renderings courtesy of Eataly World)

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