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This Upcycled Hostel Is Built From Shipping Containers

This Upcycled Hostel Is Built From Shipping Containers

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and Germany’s Dock Inn — which is built entirely out of disused shipping containers — takes that anecdote quite literally.

Dock Inn is located portside in the city of Rostock, Mecklenburg – just a twelve-minute walk from the beach. The coastal space boasts 64 rooms, sleeping up to 188 guests in 25-square-metre containers. Some have even been welded together to make space for four- and eight-bed dorms.

Sleeping arrangements are quite extensive, with the choice of 42 double rooms, two suites, 15 four-bed dorms and five eight-bed dorms, all containing lockers to keep guests’ valuables safe.


Although made from recycled goods, Dock Inn doesn’t compromise the comfort of its guests. Each room has a separate sleeping and living area, kitted out with smart TVs, modern bathrooms and Wi-Fi. Other in-house services include a rooftop sauna, a cinema container, restaurants and public computers.

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Best of all, the hostel runs mainly on solar power, meaning it’s all eco-friendly.

Prices start at $30 (€19) per night. For more information and to book, visit Dock Inn’s website.

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(All Images: Dock Inn / Facebook)

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