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Do You Know The Difference Between Tourist Vs Local Hotspots?

Do You Know The Difference Between Tourist Vs Local Hotspots?

Tripadvisor has recently released a list of typical hotspots favoured by both travellers and locals in major cities around the world.

Do you consider yourself a traveller, not a tourist? Someone who seeks out the local hotspots, rather than the frequented tourist hubs? Well, it turns out the two aren’t that different. While the locals sure do have a home game advantage, TripAdvisor has found that both tourists and locals have pretty good taste in restaurants and attractions.

So where exactly do said tourists and locals overlap? Check out the restaurants and attractions favoured by both tourists and locals in Sydney, New York and London below.


Photo: The Grounds of Alexandria/Facebook

While the top three attractions for tourists are the Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour and Bondi Beach, locals tend to stretch their attendance a little further west. Olympic Stadium in Homebush, Sydney Opera House and The Star are the top three attractions for Sydney locals. From a local point of view, frequently visiting an arena, concert hall and casino makes sense, as they’re all things to do. Tourists, however, are much more interested in visiting the pretty spots for the perfect ‘gram.

In terms of independent places to eat, the Grounds of Alexandria is a favourite for both tourists and locals, scoring the number one spot. We’re not surprised. The Grounds’ smashed avo and heroic mascot, Kevin Bacon, are pretty difficult to top.

As for chain restaurants? Tourists flock to the Hard Rock Cafe in Darling Harbour, while locals stick to Salt Meats Cheese.

New York City

Photo: Richard Berg/Flickr

Interestingly enough for New York — a city sprawling with countless things to do — the number one attraction for both tourists and locals, is Madison Square Garden. With concerts, sports games, conferences and the like always popping up at the Garden, it makes sense for a local to frequently visit.

The 9/11 memorial and Times Square come in at second and third for tourists, while Bryant Park and the One World Observatory are other favourite attractions for locals.

As for restaurants, tourists go to a more traditional favourite like Katz’s Deli, while locals head to Pershing Square. Just like Sydney, the top chain restaurant for tourists to visit is Hard Rock Cafe. Tourists can’t get enough of that music memorabilia. For locals? Shake Shack. Can’t say no to a good burg.

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Photo: Sky Garden

Visitors to London like to go and see the Tower of London, Borough Market and the British Museum. Actual Londoners like Borough Market too, so much so that it’s nabbed the number one spot. They’re also inclined to frequent St. Paul’s Cathedral and Sky Garden.

As for the restaurants, tourists hit up Duck & Waffle while Londoners most frequently visiting The Folly Bar. But if you ask tourists and locals the best chain restaurant in London? Their number one answer will be the Dishoom Covent Garden. We’re not disagreeing.

Want to check out the tourist and local hotspots for yourself? Head here.

(Lead image: The Grounds of Alexandria/Facebook)

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