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Here’s Where To Find The Best Beer In Australia And New Zealand

Here’s Where To Find The Best Beer In Australia And New Zealand

Australians and New Zealanders love their beer. It’s just a fact. But can you guess which cities in Australia and New Zealand are the best at making them?

Lonely Planet has revealed that the top three beer towns across Australia and New Zealand are Melbourne, Perth and Wellington. All three cities have an impressive array of craft breweries, pubs and bars that celebrate the delicious drink.

According to them, Melbourne is “clearly Australia’s ale capital, with breweries ranging from the mainstream (Mountain Goat) to the obscure but brilliant (La Sirène), and a ton of great indie beer bars in such neighbourhoods as Brunswick and Fitzroy”. We can’t pretend to disagree. Melburnians surely do enjoy a fine beer and aren’t shy about knowing the right way to make it.

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Second on the list is Perth, which isn’t a surprise when you consider the beloved brews that come out of there. Perth is home to Matilda Bay and Little Creatures and of course, the famous Feral Brewing.

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The only New Zealand city to get a mention, but a pretty heavy hitting one at that, is Wellington. Famed for being the windy city, Lonely Planet mentions “there are always sunny fruit flavours in a pint glass to banish the blues with New Zealand’s distinctively tropical take on pale ale and IPA”. It’s always summer in Wellington if you’re drinking one of their beers.

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We think these are pretty good choices. Anyone up for visiting all three?

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