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The Disneyland Resorts Are Getting Even Goshdarn Bigger, Somehow

The Disneyland Resorts Are Getting Even Goshdarn Bigger, Somehow

Disneyland is set to expand even further in 2019.

Given Disney have bought up pretty much every property imaginable, you might think there’s no way that the Disneyland resorts could get any bigger. Seriously: at this stage it feels like the only way the company could expand is by buying up the actual sun.


But that’s Disney for ya: nothing if not surprising. Not only are Mickey Mouse and friends rolling out a brand new streaming service this year, Disney+, they’re also making some changes to the Happiest Place(s) In The World.

The one we’ve known about for a while now is Galaxy’s Edge, a Star Wars-themed park that boasts legions of roaming Stormtroopers, a VR ride, and a massive Millennium Falcon to greet visitors. That’ll be opening in the Disneyland locations in both Orlando, Florida, and Anaheim, California, so visitors to either resort will be blessed with the attraction.


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But that’s not all that’s coming to the parks. From now on, Disneyland in Florida will be home to a “surprise” Mickey and Minnie daily birthday party that will see the classic rodents parade up and down the main strip, accompanied by dancers, floats, and their good mate Pluto.

Then, in a special one-off event going down this year only at the Florida resort, the famous Epcot ball will be honoured with a firework display and a massive aerial parade of kites. It’s a fitting way to pay tribute to one of Disneyland’s most famous attractions.


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It might be hard to believe, but old mate Mickey has never had his own ride. That is, until this year, when Disney will unveil Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at the Hollywood resort. Suitable for the whole family, the ride will be a leisurely jaunt through Mickey’s world.


Speaking of Mickey, there’ll also be a brand new nighttime display coming to the California resort in 2019, named after the arch mouse himself. Mickey’s Mix Magic is a light show that comprises everything from lasers to strobe lights, making it the perfect way to cap off a day in the park.

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Oh, and if Disneyland’s four resorts weren’t enough for you, then get ready, because a new one is set to open later this year. The Riveria Resort will replicate the laidback vibe of an ocean town, so expect lots of lounging around.

So, Disney obsessives, what are you waiting for? Seems like you’ve got a date with Mickey to make.

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