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Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Is Now Serving Booze For The First Time Ever

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Is Now Serving Booze For The First Time Ever

The excitement of visiting Florida‘s Disney World is something you never grow out of, which is why crowds of all ages flock to the park all year round. While there’s plenty to keep you entertained, The Magic Kingdom has pretty much always been a dry zone. Until now.


Disney World has officially decided to cater to our adult needs and serve up alcoholic beverages in The Magic Kingdom’s restaurants. Get excited folks because the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ just got that much happier (if you’re over 21 and thirsty, that is).

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Image: The Magic Kingdon / Disney World

You can now enjoy a drink at any and all of the sit-down restaurants inside The Magic Kingdom, be that The Plaza RestaurantThe Crystal Palace, or The Diamond Horseshoe. Each of the venues has added its own line-up of wines and beers to the menu so that you can opt for a cheeky liquor break between rides. From morning mimosas to regional craft beers and thoughtfully paired wines, Disney World officially has you covered.

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Image: The Crystal Palace / Disney World

The park’s move to embrace alcohol as an offering is a big change for Disney. As reported by Today, Disney World has repped a strict no-alcohol policy since it opened in 1971 which has carried through until 2012 when drinks were first introduced at a single venue in the park. While Florida is embracing its liquor license, California‘s Disneyland remains a dry zone (though you can pop across the street for a drink at its sister park, Disney California Adventure).

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Image: The Plaza Restaurant / Disney World

So if you’re keen for all the Disney fun with a side of something a little stronger than juice, Florida’s Disney World has added a little more magic to its already magical kingdom. Cheers to Disney World.

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(All image: The Magic Kingdom / Disney World)

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