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Take A Turn Down Diagon Alley At Edinburgh’s Potter-Inspired Shop

Take A Turn Down Diagon Alley At Edinburgh’s Potter-Inspired Shop

Diagon House Edinburgh

Harry Potter fans have been dying for a shopping spree at Diagon Alley for decades, but, now, they don’t have to sneak though the Leaky Cauldron to finally make it happen. A shop dedicated to J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world has just opened its doors in the historic city of Edinburgh.

Nestle between multi-coloured bookshops, jewellers and antique shop in Edinburgh’s medieval quarter is find Diagon House, a self-described purveyor of curiosities and all things Potter.

Diagon House Edinburgh

The popular shopping village is credited as the inspiration for Diagon Alley. Rowling was living in Edinburgh when she penned the iconic fantasy series and spent a whole lot of her days typing away in local coffee shops.

The store originally opened back in 2013, but was this year was transformed into a Potter paradise, marking the 20th anniversary of the book’s publication.

Diagon House Edinburgh

Fans have since flocked to the quaint two-story shopfront, snapping up all of the collectables, memorabilia and creations it has on offer.

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Diagon House Edinburgh
Diagon House proprietor Andrew McRae.

If you’re in need of a new wand for your Defence Against the Dark Arts class, or just want to pick up some chocolate frogs, you can find Diagon House at 40 Victoria Street, Edinburgh. They stay open late to accommodate the crowds, so pay them a visit between 10am and 10pm, Monday to Saturday, or 10am to 8pm on Sunday.

And, if you’re seeking a truly authentic wizarding experience, consider pooling your galleons to buy Harry’s childhood home.

All images courtesy of Context Interiors.

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