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NYC’s Pop-Up Cheetos Restaurant Has A 1000-Person Waiting List

NYC’s Pop-Up Cheetos Restaurant Has A 1000-Person Waiting List

Cheetos pop-up restaurant

New York loves a waiting list and, it turns out, plenty of people are prepared to queue for the privilege of covering themselves in Cheetos dust — a Cheetos-dedicated pop-up restaurant has garnered an equally baffling impressive waiting list since it was announced last week.

The Spotted Cheetah, temporarily located at Distilled restaurant in Tribeca, is open for three days only from today — and the waiting list is already sporting over 1000 names, the Wall Street Journal reports. With space for just 300 patrons between August 15 and 17 representatives for Pepsi Frito-Lay — Cheetos owner and the company behind the pop-up restaurant — told the publication reservations sold-out in just six hours.

To put it in perspective, there are almost as many people waiting for a seat at The Spotted Cheetah as there were when Noma, one of the world’s best restaurants, popped up in Australia last year.

On the menu for the lucky few who make it through the door are delicacies like Cheeto grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, Cheetos meatballs, cheddar mac ‘n’ Cheetos, and even a Cheetos-crusted cheesecake.

But, rather than being catered by a cartoon big cat called Chester, the menu is the brainchild of celebrity chef Anne Burrell. She told the WSJ she was instructed to “elevate” Cheetos’ flavour without over-doing it, though she admitted it was “a fine line to walk”.

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Fortunately for those who are more sloth than cheetah, Pepsi have made a digital cookbook available to download for free.

The pop-up will operate between 6pm and 11pm over the next couple of days.

(All images: Pepsi Frito-Lay)

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