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Gone To The Dogs: Inside India’s First Dog Hotel

Gone To The Dogs: Inside India’s First Dog Hotel

In India, you’ll no longer feel the eternal guilt of leaving your doggo at home when heading on holidays, and sleep easy knowing their accommodation is honestly probably nicer than yours, by dropping them off to the first ever hotel in South Asia created exclusively for dogs.

Critterati in Gurugram, India, is pretty luxe by anyone’s standards, featuring velvet bedding, private balconies, a tranquil day spa and a fully stocked bar. It’s accommodation fit for a prince — or a pug.

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Image: Critterati

Owners Deepak Chawla and his wife, Jaanwi, wanted to manifest their affection for the greatest animals to grace the earth’s surface, and their creation is certainly something to be admired.

The hotel’s main aim is to ensure your pooch has the best time ever, with a team of world-class pet care experts on site to see to it that that happens. The hotel’s itinerary boasts a list of tail-wag-inducing activities, including belly rubs, massages, chef-prepared meals, swims and heaps of walkies.

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Image: Critterati / Facebook

If you’re keen to book your dog in for a day or two, prices start at $30 (₹1499) per night, with a minimum three-night stay. You can book via the website.

(Lead image: Critterati)

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