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Complete Jungle Immersion Never Looked So Good

Complete Jungle Immersion Never Looked So Good

Far away from the busy beaches of Patong, on Thailand’s Phuket Island, is a pretty little haven amongst the trees – it’s called Keemala, and it’s total jungle immersion at its finest.


Opening in 2015, Keemala is a small wellness retreat, located just outside the village of Kamala. Here, guests can stay in one of their iconic Tree Pool Villas that sit high up amongst the verdant jungle and offer a commanding view of the surrounding region.


These villas were inspired by Thai mythology, specifically the We-ha (sky) Clan, who are believed to have had advanced understandings of the universe. Home to talented healers, creators, architects and inventors, these tribes built their homes above ground in order to achieve a greater sense of creativity and liberty.

And it’s easy to see why – from your two story cottage, you’re right in the thick of the jungle which is a perfect spot to achieve that long-lost Zen you’ve been looking for.


The villas include an incredible upper deck pool, which connects onto the master bedroom. Bedrooms incorporate hanging furniture, cocoon beds and cosy lounge chairs, with the bathrooms offering monsoon showers and even a free-standing bathtub. Very nice!



Keemala’s coup de gras is their relaxation spa, which specialises in “beyond bliss” treatments and traditional healing approaches that’ll instantly help you unwind from the stresses of daily life.

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And hey – doesn’t it kinda remind you of Avatar? That luxury jungle immersion feels so real, so inviting and so relaxing. Definitely one for the bucket list.

(All images: Keemala/Facebook)

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