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Switzerland Is Opening A Chocolate Museum, Because Switzerland Knows What’s Up

Switzerland Is Opening A Chocolate Museum, Because Switzerland Knows What’s Up

Chez Camille Bloch

Switzerland has been producing some of the world’s best chocolate for centuries and, now, some of its legendary chocolatiers have created a place for the sweet-toothed among us to appreciate their art.

Next month, a museum dedicated to everyone’s favourite sweet treat is set to open in the town of Courtelary, Bern.

The brainchild of chocolatier Camille Bloch, the so-called Chez Camille Bloch has been in the works for more than three years, with an expected 100,000 chocolate lovers to pass through its doors each year.

Inside, and gift shop and café will serve up some of the family-run company’s best-loved treats, like Ragusa bars (chocolate bars filled with praline and hazlenuts) and Torino treats (chocolate hazelnut spread). There’ll also be factory tours available for those who like to know where their food comes from.

The company’s production facilities will be expanded as part of the project, almost doubling the amount of delicious chocolate it can produce. Ain’t nobody gonna argue with that.

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News of the museum’s opening marks the second time Swiss chocolate has been in the headlines in recent weeks, after Zurich-based chocolatier Barry Cellebaut invtented pink chocolate made from ruby cocoa beans – the first new flavour since white chocolate was introduced almost a century ago.


Chez Camille Bloch opens on October 28. Go on an empty stomach.

(Lead image: Camille Bloch)

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