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Check Out This Tiny Adelaide Bar Squished Inside An Alleyway

Check Out This Tiny Adelaide Bar Squished Inside An Alleyway

In cities besides Melbourne, laneways between buildings are often so dirty and dank that stepping foot inside them would be an exercise in futility. In between two office buildings in Adelaide however, a group of ingenious bar owners have decided to overhaul this disused space to their advantage by stuffing a teeny tiny bar in there.

The Pink Moon Saloon is a trendy kitchen and bar located in a former service alley on Leigh Street. Squished between two office buildings, it’s a popular after-work destination for locals with its special location adding a little bit of quirk to your regular Adelaide night out. 

The amazing part of it all however, is that the alleyway measures just four metres wide. Yep, it sure is cosy down there. 

There are actually two huts sitting alongside each other along the laneway, separated by a tiny courtyard in the middle. The Drinker’s Hut is up front, serving up tasty cocktails and cold beers on tap, and up the back is the Dining Hut, where double-decker sandwiches, fresh salads and amazing antipasto platters abound.

Architectural firm Sans-Arc Studio are behind the masterful feat – they’ve turned this shabby old laneway into one of Adelaide’s most happening new spaces. Impressive stuff.

Some have even suggested it bares a striking resemblance to the floating house in Disney Pixar’s Up. Light filters naturally through the building and thanks to all the wooden fixings, it’s kind of like an art-deco wood cabin.

We reckon it almost has an alpine feel to it – it’s way too easy to imagine walking off the slopes and slumping down on one of those comfy bench seats while you sip on a hot chocolate spiced with brandy.

Oh and the food looks extra delicious too.

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The Pink Moon Saloon is located on 21 Leigh Street in Adelaide’s West End.

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