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These Are The Cheapest Places To Buy A Beer Around The World

These Are The Cheapest Places To Buy A Beer Around The World


If you were ever curious about where the cheapest place to knock the froth off a few was, or wondered what the going rate for a pint of beer is — an important factor when making your travel plans — you’re in luck.

The folks at price-comparison site have come through with the goods, creating a map showing the cheapest and dearest cities to buy a pint of beer worldwide.


The index has compared the price of a pint in 177 of the world’s most-populated cities, and is calculated in accordance with the latest cost-of-living data released by Numbeo and Expatistan.

“It was interesting to see such a wide difference between how much it costs for a pint in different cities around the world,” Jon Ostler, CEO of Finder UK told Lonely Planet.

Image: JuniperPhonton / Unsplash

The interactive map has discovered a huge range of prices: from 90-cent pints in Caracas, Venezuela, to a whopping $15 in Dubai. Australia sits in the middle of the pack, with Sydneysiders forking out an average of $8 per pint.

“Some people may not realise that there could be big differences in costs of common expenses between cities,” Ostler told LonelyPlanet. “It’s important to factor in leisure expenses and anticipate that prices will vary from city to city [when budgeting for a holiday].

“By doing your research in advance, you’ll not only be prepared financially, but avoid unnecessary stress and allow for a more enjoyable holiday.”

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To check out the full list of cities, visit’s interactive map.

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(Lead image: Drew Farwell / Unsplash)

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