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Celebrate The Glory Of Carbs At Idaho’s Potato Museum

Celebrate The Glory Of Carbs At Idaho’s Potato Museum

Ah potatoes. In the eternal words of Lord Of The RingsSamwise Gamgee, “Po-tay-toes – boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew”. They’re the starchy delicious overlords of the vegetable world so it only seems fitting to give spuds a proper place to be honoured. Enter: Idaho’s Potato Museum.

potato museum

Yep, a whole museum devoted to potatoes. Finally. Learn the rich history of the potato crop as it made its way to America centuries ago through a timeline history of potato consumption in the US, including the time french fries were introduced to the White House’s menu selection in the early 1800s.

And if – like any normal person – you’re thinking ‘why Idaho?’ Well, the wonderful people behind Idaho’s Potato Museum have included a thorough explanation as to why this miraculous potato museum exists in this fine American state. Basically, they grow heaps of potatoes there.

(Photo: auvet/Flickr)

Alongside potato farming supplies and every style of potato masher imaginable, you’ll also find the world’s largest recorded potato here which measures about 30 centimetres long. It’s even the home of the world’s largest potato chip, a 63 centimetre long Pringle chip from 1991.

And like any good museum, there is an excellent gift shop that offers almost any potato related gift imaginable. There’s magnets, joke t-shirts, postcards, a light-saber wielding Darth Tater for the little ones and some excellent lotions and soaps made from – you guessed it – potatoes.

Everything from the hundreds of potato recipes to the giant brown potato out front is guaranteed to make you hungry, so why not treat yourself to a potato in the museum’s restaurant? Your diet can start tomorrow.

A fan of the humble spud? You’ve gotta check this out – start planning your next trip to the US with Qantas here.

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