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This Cave Hotel Proves All Hotels Should Be In A Cave

This Cave Hotel Proves All Hotels Should Be In A Cave

Hot ballooning in the Cappadocia region of Turkey is on a lot of bucket lists right now – that’s not so surprising when the average punter gets to see views like this.


Cappadocia is an ancient region, characterised by its volcanic and mountainous geography. The area is known for its ‘fairy chimneys’; tall, free-standing pillars of rock that formed naturally in the arid badlands. Hidden deep within there is the incredible Gamirasu Cave Hotel.


The people of Cappadocia have been inhabiting cliffside caves in this area for millennia, with the Gamirasu Hotel once used as a monastic retreat in the Byzantine Era. Put into service in 1999, the hotel now consists of 35 meticulously restored and designed cave rooms, each with their own sense of Cappadocia flair.



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In 2010, Gamirasu opened its very own outdoor swimming pool – a nod to the ancient Roman pools that historically sat where the Gamirasu Hotel is located today. Sitting pretty in an reverberant valley, the pool is perfectly positioned to let guests enjoy stunning Byzantine era ruins while recharging for the day ahead.


You can live in the lap of luxury as a Byzantine King for around $268AUD per night.

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