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Canada Is Opening A Car-Free Bike Path Across The Entire Country

Canada Is Opening A Car-Free Bike Path Across The Entire Country

After recently declaring that all of their national parks will be free to visit in 2017, here’s the latest instalment of Canada absolutely killing it. Come next year, there will be a 24,000 kilometre bike path spanning the whole of the great white north.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 4.42.50 pm
This is what the path will eventually look like.

They won’t be the first nation to offer a cross-country bike path; Germany previously set the bar with their Bike Autobahn, a 100 kilometre two-wheeled version of their famous automotive highway.


That said, Canada’s version of this carbon-friendly track will be more than 200 times the size of Germany’s, making it not only the longest bike path in the world, but also it’s the single biggest network of recreational trails, connecting almost 500 existing community trails. The trail will also be used by hikers, horseback riders and – of course – cross-country skiers (it is in Canada, after all).

Imagine cycling up and down this.

Construction – which has been 25 years in the making – is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017, just in time for Canada’s 150th anniversary. There’s an interactive map of the trail system already out. Time to start planning that bike trip of a lifetime.

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