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Gelatissimo Is Serving Up A Limited Edition Bubble Tea Gelato And We Want To Try It Immediately

Gelatissimo Is Serving Up A Limited Edition Bubble Tea Gelato And We Want To Try It Immediately

The limited-edition bubble tea gelato from Gelatissimo.

No matter how cold the weather gets, it’s never too cold for gelato. Which is good news, because Gelatissimo has just unveiled a limited-edition bubble tea gelato that we wouldn’t miss for the world.

The new flavour is made by infusing milk tea gelato with fresh-brewed black tea and a brown sugar syrup. The creamy gelato is then topped with extra soft and chewy brown sugar tapioca pearls.

Gelatissimo’s new bubble tea gelato is now available in store and via delivery.

“We’ve been keeping a close eye on the bubble tea trend for a while now,” the dessert makers said in a statement. “And the stars have finally aligned for us to create the perfect match made in dessert heaven, to satisfy every bubble tea lover’s craving!”


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The new flavour is available in a cup, cone, or shake and the pearls are served fresh when you order. If you get a takeaway tub, the pearls come in separate packaging for maximum satisfaction.

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The brown sugar bubble milk tea is available now in all stores around Australia, but only for a limited time. If you’re in Victoria (or just can’t be bothered getting dressed to go outside) Gelatissimo is also doing home delivery through Uber Eats, DoorDash and Deliveroo.

Would you rather get your boba fix with booze? Sydney’s Burwood Hotel is still selling alcoholic bubble tea kits — truly a match made in heaven. Boba cocktails include the raspberry long island, espresso milk tea and aloe vera margarita.

It’s not the only special dessert we can choose from right now. Cheat Day cafe in Sydney is serving Caramilk choc tops and is dedicated to making them until stocks of the limited edition choccy block run out.

(Lead image: Gelatissimo)

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