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Los Pollos Will Return To Albuquerque For ‘Breaking Bad’s 10th Anniversary

Los Pollos Will Return To Albuquerque For ‘Breaking Bad’s 10th Anniversary

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It’s been almost 10 years to the day since the first episode of Breaking Bad aired (feel old yet?), so what better way to celebrate than with a pop-up dedicated to everyone’s favourite take-away chicken shop?

The Los Pollos Hermanos pop-up isn’t the first of its kind, with others having appeared in LA, New York and Texas in the past. It is however the closest you’ll get to the real deal, setting up shop at the actual Breaking Bad filming location in South Albuquerque.

According to local news publication KRQE, the pop-up was the brainchild of two locals/super fans Edward Candelaria and Marq Smith. The two are paying for the pop-up out of their own pockets, transforming a Twisters Burgers and Burritos restaurant into the iconic TV eatery. They’ve even sorted Breaking Bad-inspired uniforms for the staff.

“We’re going to look like Los Pollos Hermanos. We’ll have the sign,” general manager of Twisters Burgers and Burritos, Reuben Zaragoza, told the publication. “All the cashiers will be wearing yellow shirts, the aprons and hats.”

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If you’re keen, you will be able to catch the recreated Los Pollos Hermanos at the Twisters Burgers and Burritos on Saturday, January 20, from 10am to 2pm. It’s an unofficial pop-up and isn’t affiliated with the AMC production company, so we suggest you get there sooner rather than later.

We’re eating chicken when they say we’re eating chicken.

(Lead image: AMC)

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