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Stop Right Now, This Melbourne Joint Is Getting A Spice Girls-Themed Bottomless Brunch

Stop Right Now, This Melbourne Joint Is Getting A Spice Girls-Themed Bottomless Brunch

People of the world (or of Melbourne), spice up your life with two of life’s purest pleasures: bottomless brunch and the Spice Girls. Viva forever.

It’s honestly like someone reached into my brain and pulled out my dream event, and all I can say is that someone had better replicate this in Sydney.

The Brunch Club — who have previously brought you such themed events around the globe as a roller disco, Broadway Brunches and sing-a-long movie screenings — are back at it on September 13 to bring Evie’s Bar & Diner in Melbourne what they want, what they really really want.


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Yes, there will be a full brunch menu, and it can cater to gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and other dietary requirements within reason. Yes, there will be a full hour of bottomless bubbly to get the party started.

But there will also be Spice Girls karaoke (so, what you do in your bedroom every weekend but more of a party) and trivia to test exactly how much of a Spice Girls fan you really are.

This is a full on Spice World battle too, there are prizes for the best karaoke performance and best on-theme outfits. Better round up a group of at least five to have one of every spice, is all I’m saying.

Do I have my own Ginger Spice costume just lying around? Maybe. Is my inner nine-year old positively squealing? Definitely.

If you’re just as excited as me, get your 90s child butt to this website, where tickets are on sale right now for $55. That’s $55 for brunch and bottomless bubbles — I don’t know if you’ve bottomless brunched lately but that is a sweet deal.

This is the best thing I’ve heard about in Melbourne since I discovered there’s a venue that will let you chuck paint at your friends.

Look we’ve been cooped up a really long time, time to treat yo’self.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @eviesfitzroy)

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