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Kayak Through Florida’s Bioluminescent Water In A See-Through Boat

Kayak Through Florida’s Bioluminescent Water In A See-Through Boat

It’s a fact that everything is better if it glows in the dark, and water is no exception. Now you can sail a see-through kayak through bioluminescent water in Florida to get a full view into the brightly glowing depths.

Florida’s Space Coast is one of the few places in the world with bioluminescent water, which occurs when glow-in-the-dark sea creatures illuminate the water in bright neon colours.


The glowing critters basically turn water into a sea of glow sticks, which you can now sail through in see-through kayaks, and good news, fam – the best time to do it is between May and November, aka, right bloody now.


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Once you’re out on the water, you’ll have unobstructed views of everything glowing on around you. As you paddle or run your hand through the water, the creatures will put on a fascinating natural display that kind of looks like an underwater rave.

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Tour companies like Get Up And Go Kayaking and BK Adventure offer the kayaking trips throughout the rivers and lagoons along Space Coast. As well as glowing jellyfish and plankton, sailors might also see schools of fish, manatees and dolphins – although these good sea dogs won’t glow.

A 90-minute tour with Get Up And Go Kayaking begins at US$65 (AU$93), and US$72 (AU$103) per person with BK Adventure. Thanks to the time sensitive nature of the bioluminescent creatures, tours with both companies book out pretty quickly, so you’ll want to plan in advance.


Bioluminescent tours run at nighttime, and the brightest displays start after 9pm. The best views are generally five days after a full moon, so make sure you check a lunar calendar before you plan your tour.

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(Lead image: Get Up and Go Kayaking / Facebook and an example of bioluminescent water in Khok Kham, Thailand, Nattaro Ohe / Shutterstock)

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