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These Are The Countries Australians Are Planning On Travelling To In 2020

These Are The Countries Australians Are Planning On Travelling To In 2020

Best Travel Destinations For 2020: Where Australians Are Going Next Year

Want some travel inspo for your 2020 adventures? Luxury Escapes has crunched the data on the destinations Australian travellers are eyeing off for next year.

As part of their Travel 2020 report, the travel group has shared a list of the top international destinations that Australians want to visit in the upcoming decade. In surveying almost 20,000 travellers about their bucket list destinations, the report found that we’re travelling more than ever, and to more off-the-grid locations than ever.

Friendly Canada, eh, took out the top spot, with the USA, Italy, United Kingdom and Greece rounding out the top five. The Maldives, Japan, France and Thailand followed, with Vietnam capping the top ten list.


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More than 20 percent of Australians who responded to the survey said they plan to spend at least a week overseas in the 2020s. Closer to home, 40 percent of us want to take at least two domestic trips the next year.

We’re also getting increasingly adventurous and putting more lesser known cities and regions on our bucket lists, in addition to planning more solo trips.

“Places like Macedonia, Ethiopia and Sicily are quickly becoming popular for their unspoilt appeal, and more solo travellers (predominantly female) are embracing exotic destinations like Morocco and India within the comfort of group touring”, said Sonia Pilovska, Head of Tours, Luxury Escapes.

“This could include glamping on safari in Africa, an ice hotel in Norway, underwater restaurants in Bali, small ship luxury cruises to Antarctica, pop-up luxury accommodation for events and luxury homes and villas that were never available to the public before,” added Cameron Holland, CEO Luxury Escapes.

Luxury Escapes also came out with a list of the top ten destinations that Australians want to revisit, with Japan leading the charge. New Zealand was close behind, followed by the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Canada, the Maldives, Cyprus, Israel and India.

So if your bucket list needs a bit of love, these are the places you should be heading to for 2020. Good news: you can turn 20 days of annual leave into 42 days of holiday time.

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