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A New Cinema Is Opening In Darling Harbour, Where You Can Watch Movies From A Row Boat

A New Cinema Is Opening In Darling Harbour, Where You Can Watch Movies From A Row Boat

Outdoor cinemas aren’t exactly a new concept. But this year, along with QR codes and rollerskating, they’re back in the spotlight — and as summer slowly approaches, an evening spent watching a movie under the stars is something to look forward to. (Joyful anticipation? In 2020? Who’d have thought?)

If you, like me, have already decided that outdoor cinemas will be a big part of your summer, but haven’t bit the bullet and bought a ticket yet, now’s the time. It has just been announced that a floating cinema (yes, you read that correctly) is coming to Sydney’s Darling Harbour, and it actually looks pretty incredible.

The cinema will be in operation from December 3, 2020 to March 21, 2021 and, as mentioned, is literally on the water at Darling Harbour.

Image: Provided / Mo’vin Boat

There are two “seating” options at the cinema: You can opt to watch from inside a row boat (!!!) or from a floating pontoon on a queen-sized bed. If the row boat option sounds most appealing to you, you’ll be paying $119.90 per boat, which can fit four people inside. If you’d prefer to watch while horizontal, you can book a spot for two for $99.90, or a bed for three — cosy and cost effective — for $109.90.

If you casually just own your own boat, you can BYOB (bring your own boat) and as many friends as you can squeeze on/in it for $49.90. (If you’re looking for a reason to invest in a super yacht, perhaps this is it?)

But it wouldn’t be a real movie experience without something delicious to eat. Once you’re on your boat or bed, you can order pizza, fish and chips, Belgian waffles, or bottomless popcorn. And if you’re wondering how you’d get your snacks onto your boat, well, they’ll be delivered by jet ski — of course!

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Movies that will be screening on the epic 15-metre screen include Dirty DancingLion, Tenet, Casablanca, and — my personal favourite — Elf. You can book tickets now over at the Mo’vin Boat website. Have fun and I will see! you! there!

(Lead Image: Provided / Mo’vin Boat)

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