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Ben & Jerry’s New Flavour Is Also Fighting The Good Fight Against Fossil Fuels

Ben & Jerry’s New Flavour Is Also Fighting The Good Fight Against Fossil Fuels

I don’t need to convince you that Ben & Jerry’s is a good time, you already know.

They’ve also been helping us through a trying time by releasing delicious and comforting things, like the ice cream burger and the recipe for their edible raw cookie dough.

Not content to simply improve the state of our tastebuds, the latest Ben & Jerry’s flavour has partnered with Australia and the Climate Council to take a crack at changing the state of climate change by pushing to stop Australia’s current use of fossil fuels.

The limited-edition flavour, Unfudge our Future, is a delish vegan-friendly combo of chocolate and peanut butter Non-Dairy ice cream, fudge brownies and peanut butter cookie dough.

A portion of the proceeds made from every pint of Unfudge our Future sold will go to Australia and personalised pints were sent to Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg and Angus Taylor.

Ben & Jerry's climate change
Image: Provided / Ben & Jerry’s

That’s wild enough, but those personalised pints arrived with a note saying: “As you plan the new budget for delivery to the nation on 6 October, make fossil fuels history and invest in a fast and fair transition to 100% renewables”.

“The government is making critical decisions that will impact Australia and our planet for generations to come,” said Bert Naber, Marketing Manager for Ben & Jerry’s.

“We have an opportunity to reboot our economy with solutions that deliver a cleaner, more resilient and fairer future for Australians, and we’re galvanising fans behind the demand on our leaders to Unfudge our Future via an online tool at and in scoop shops across the country”.

Let’s be real, I was going to eat ice cream and junk food anyway, so it pleases me that my act of gluttony and comfort can actually be of some use to the world.

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“Whilst climate change affects us all, it doesn’t affect us all equally,” stated Ben & Jerry’s Impact & Activism ManagerSteph Curley.

“Many of our communities are at an increased risk of a warming planet — and we have a responsibility to advocate for a new future. We’ve seen it’s possible to redesign the way we live, with strong community, business and industry support. Now we just need the political will and investment”.

You heard them, time to go eat ice cream!

(Lead Image: Provided / Ben & Jerry’s)

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