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Behold: The World’s Hippest Caravan

Behold: The World’s Hippest Caravan

It’s official: typical caravans are out, tiny adorable mobile homes are well and truly in. Which is good, because we’ve found the best one out there, and it can travel anywhere with you.

Everyone, say hello to New Frontier Tiny Homes.


The motto behind New Frontier Tiny Homes is simple – life is short, so don’t waste it perpetually worried about the nine-to-five grind. You can check off all of the things in your Happy Life Checklist – you know, independence, flexibility, work-life balance and freedom to travel – with the simple act of downsizing.

And downsizing in style, I might add.


These tiny micro-homes are nice. Very nice. The flagship one, the Alpha, is made with beautiful natural materials and features large glass windows, clean modern lines, hardwood floors and reclaimed barnwood ceilings. The space comes fitted out with high-end amenities like a king-sized memory foam mattress, a full-sized tub in the bathroom and a custom eight-person dining table.


NFTH have really harnessed the powers of maximisation – not only is there fully functioning bathroom and loft bedroom, there’s also an incredible Pinterest-worthy kitchen sitting pretty on the other side of the trailer. There’s a dishwasher, an all-in-one washing machine, plenty of storage space and a garage door that opens up to bring the outside in.

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If you too are wondering how they managed to fit all those amenities into such a small space, you’re not alone. The only conclusion we’ve come to is that it’s dark magic. It’s got to be. Just look at this place! It’s one whimsical light frame and cutesy bath product away from being included in an Etsy catalogue.


A furnished New Frontier Tiny Home will set you back around $95k USD (that’s $124k AUD) – which makes it an ideal holiday home. Just plonk it on a block of land and enjoy nature from a polite distance.

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