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Bowlie Bowlerson Is Sydney’s Craziest (And Booziest) Barefoot Bowls Game

Bowlie Bowlerson Is Sydney’s Craziest (And Booziest) Barefoot Bowls Game

Barefoot Bowls: Win Prizes At Sydney's OTT Lawn Bowls Tournament

Bowlie Bowlerson is what would happen if your grandparents snuck a flask onto the barefoot bowls greens, and we mean that entirely as a compliment.

Barefoot Bowls might not seem like the hottest sport of 2020, but it’s hard to argue with a game that’s got cocktails, live music, an after party and prizes.


Kicking off in January 2020, Bowlie Bowlerson is a new monthly tournament coming to a secret location in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Gather your most athletic friends (or your booziest crew, tbh) and enter to win epic cash prizes and honest-to-god holidays.

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While we’re not sure yet what kind of holidays are going to be on offer, it doesn’t really matter. Any holiday is a good holiday, and any free holiday that you win in a lawn bowls game is a great holiday.


There are going to be different prizes up for grabs each month, and a rotating list of impressive titles to claim, so you’ll wanna bring your A game to this amazingly absurd activity. Come back every month to be crowned the baller king or queen and take home the coveted Bowlie Bowlerson trophy*.

*Guaranteed to look amazing on your mantlepiece and impress visitors and/or hot dates.

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But don’t even worry if you’ve never played barefoot lawn bowls before — the rules are simple. And let’s be real, even if you don’t win any grand prizes you’ll still have a great day out with your friends, get a few drinks and walk away with some banging content for your Instagram.

Tickets will go on sale soon, but in the meantime you can sign up to be notified when they’re available here.

Bowlie Bowlerson joins a long and rapidly-growing list of fun summer activities. After you win your fierce bowls tournament, wind down with a Studio Ghibli movie festival. Or if you’re in Melbourne, catch a movie at an outdoor cinema from a comfy double mattress.

(Lead image: Bowlie Bowlerson / supplied)

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