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A Bakery In Country Victoria Has Won Australia’s Best Pie Has For The Third Year Running

A Bakery In Country Victoria Has Won Australia’s Best Pie Has For The Third Year Running

Australians are so very proud of their pies. It’s true that we maybe inherited the humble savoury pie from England (and fun fact, the first pies were believed to be made by the Ancient Egyptians around 9500 BC), but we really made it our own. It’s a service station staple, for goodness sake.

So when Australia announces the winner of a country-wide pie competition, you know it’s serious business.

The Baking Association of Australia’s annual pie and pastie competition was held in Sydney over the weekend — a fact I wish I had been told so I could go sniff it out. There were just under 2000 entries from over 300 bakeries around Australia across dozens of categories.

So it’s no small thing that of these 300 bakeries, the coveted prize for Australia’s best pie went to Country Cob Bakery from the country town of Kyneton, which is apparently about halfway between Melbourne and Bendigo in Victoria.


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Owned and baked by brothers Ryan and Chan Khun, the flaky pepper-beef pie won over judges. It’s not the first time this bakery has wowed, in fact, it’s the third year in a row. Their caramelised pork and pepper pie took out number one last year, and their seafood-satay pie won the top spot in 2018.

So it’s probably safe to say that they make a bloody good pie. A quick perusal of their website tells me they also make vegan, vegetarian and gluten free pies, so we can all partake in the pastry case goodness.

If pies are particularly your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that we actually rounded up 19 of the best pie shops around the country for your road trip and taste bud pleasures — and yes, we had included Country Cob Bakery, because we know what we’re on about.

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