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Are The Days Of Physical Passports Numbered?

Are The Days Of Physical Passports Numbered?

You’ll never have to grit your teeth thinking about your horrible passport photo again. According to Sky News, government big-wigs are mulling over plans to make travelling with physical passports a thing of the past.


In a move that would surely change travel as we know it, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has confirmed we’re in discussions to begin a world-first initiative that will see an end to physical passports. Instead, all our important details will soon be stored – yep, you guessed it – in the cloud.

It was nice knowing you, friend.

Your identity, your travel history and your personal biometrics data will all be stored on your cloud passport, and only accessed when needed – putting an end to the thousands of Aussies who report their passports lost or stolen each year. Sounds pretty good right? But what about security risks?

Bishop and her team of brainiacs that concocted this idea at the Foreign Affairs Department’s InnovationXchange summit thought about this too. They concluded that the Australian Government would only go ahead with the project if they could promise a completely secure online passport that would be impenetrable to hackers.

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The team think this idea has the ability to go global if it’s successful, but there’s surely one big flaw in their plan – what about the sheer delight of receiving a country stamp on your passport? It’s just not going to be the same!

(Lead image: Passportguy/Wikimedia Commons)

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