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Apparently, Travel Brings Us More Joy Than Getting Married

Apparently, Travel Brings Us More Joy Than Getting Married

A global study has found that people consider booking and planning a holiday more vital to happiness than getting married, having a baby or even landing a dream job.

The research, commissioned by, questioned 17,000 people from 17 countries on their relationship towards travel. Almost half (49 per cent) of respondents said vacations brought them more joy than their wedding day, and 45 per cent said the same about their engagement.

Wedding? Psssh, have you seen Bolivia’s salt flats?

The results also revealed that, for the majority – a whopping 70 per cent of participants – lasting happiness comes from travel, rather than material things. Fifty per cent even said the prospect of holidaying was a bigger endorphin boost that landing a new job, and a revealing 51 per cent said they’d rather go travelling than on a date with their partner (lol).


Science has already proven that we’re the happiest in the lead up to a holiday, and it seems most people agree. It’s not just the destination, but the journey that counts, too: three-quarters of people polled said they get jazzed by the prospect of researching and planning a new destination. We even get a bit of a kick out of shopping for our holiday wardrobe (52 per cent), scrolling though pictures of accommodation and destinations (79 per cent) and reading reviews of the accommodation booked (61 per cent).

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The results pretty much proves that travelling is the ultimate wonder drug. It helps you live longer, it makes you better at your job, and it will even make you happier than owning things in the long run. And now, apparently, travel is the number one thing you can do to improve your mood – so, what are you waiting for?

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