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Photographer Captures The Bright, Beautiful Simplicity In Portugal’s Windows

Photographer Captures The Bright, Beautiful Simplicity In Portugal’s Windows

Andre Goncalves 'Windows of the World'

When we’re travelling, most of us overlook the ordinary in favour of monuments and tourist attractions, but photographer Andre Goncalves has found beauty in the ordinary all over the world.

Known for his Windows of the World series, Goncalves spends his time shooting the intricacies and simplicity of building facades all over the world, from England to Romania and Spain. He often presents the pictures as collages, which adds to the romance.

Most recently, he began documenting the buildings in his home country, Portugal, and the 3200 windows he snapped across more than 100 locations embody the colour and flair for which the country is famous. Porto, Lisbon, Aveiro, and Ponta Delgada all feature.

“It’s not always the most famous buildings, nor the most opulent, wherein lie the best stories,” Goncalves writes on his website.

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He says he believes windows to be great indicator of the history of a place: “Windows can be enigmatic and very revealing when it comes to history, culture and a multitude of hidden nuances.”

To see more of Goncalves’ work, follow him on Instagram, or help him raise funds to publish his new book – Windows of the World: Portugal – on Indigogo.

H/T: My Modern Met

(Lead image: Andre Goncalves / Indigogo)

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