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Allow This Groovy Airport Worker To Dance You Into The Weekend

Allow This Groovy Airport Worker To Dance You Into The Weekend

Getting to take off is arguably the least exciting part of flying, but one airport staffer has found a unique way of brightening up the process.

Musician Terry McBride was waiting for his plane to take off at Greater Rochester International Airport in New York State when he spotted an airport worker putting some pizzazz into his duties.


“So this just happened out my window as I was leaving New York headed back home to Nashille,” McBride wrote in a post shared to Facebook.

“This guy rocks!”

It appears McBride’s assessment of the worker, who has been identified as Kyran Ashford, was correct, because the endearing video has been viewed more than 8.3 million times at the time of writing.

Ashford told ABC News he’s worked at the airport for five years, and says he hopes his dance moves give passengers “30 seconds of positive vibes”.

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That, coupled with the fact that Ashford often raps instructions to passengers at the boarding gate, means positive vibes are practically a given.

(Lead image: Terry McBride / Facebook)

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