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And The Best Pizza In Australia Is…

And The Best Pizza In Australia Is…

A humble wood-fired pizza joint in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne just took out the title of Australia’s best pizza at The World Pizza Championships in Parma, Italy.

While you may think the World Pizza Championships sounds like a completely made up thing, we kid you not, dear reader. These prestigious awards celebrate pizza in all its cheesy glory, and this year Melbourne’s Preston pizzeria Pizzaly was named as the very best in the country.

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Pizzerly’s head chef Silvio Serpa travelled all the way from Preston to Parma last month to compete in the championships, bringing all of his own ingredients with him on the flight. Silvio’s humble margherita was crowned number one, praised for its simplicity and quality.

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Before the prestigious ruling, Pizzaly was pretty under the radar. Located in Melbourne’s north, the relatively new pizzeria is known for their deliciously simple wood fired pizzas. And it’s not just the judges who think they’re top notch either. Dozens of fans on Pizzaly’s Facebook page rate Pizzaly for their “authentic” Italian style and mouthwatering taste.

Move over 400 Gradi, there’s a new pizza boss in town. Hop to it before the crowds do.

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