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The Best Tweets From Last Night’s Dramatic AF ‘Amazing Race Australia’

The Best Tweets From Last Night’s Dramatic AF ‘Amazing Race Australia’

Amazing Race Australia: The Funniest Tweets About Episode 3

Last night’s episode of The Amazing Race Australia had everything — revenge, Big Boomer Energy and perhaps the worst birthday in the world.

The nine remaining teams travelled from South Korea to Vietnam, where they had to decipher clues at a water puppet show, complete a traditional Vietnamese rowing challenge and eat unholy quantities of green rice (cốm).

Jasmin and Jerome used the first U-Turn of the season to get revenge on the Influencers (who pretty much everyone hates), and fan-favourite Mum and daughter team Rowah and Amani were saved by a surprise non-elimination round.

But who cares about any of this when the nuns were eliminated in the last episode?

Of course, all the best reactions were on Twitter.

Last night’s episode of The Amazing Race Australia retold in funny tweets:

Birthday girl Mikayla had to eat 23 packets of sweet green rice, a traditional snack that’s normally eaten in very small quantities, in the Roadblock and her face said it all.

The Deadly Duo team, Jasmin and Jerome, got revenge against the Influencers for feeding them the wrong information in the last episode and that whole “stealing from nuns” thing.

After the Influencers were forced to complete both Detour challenges, they climbed the wrong mountain on their way to the Pit Stop.

People still aren’t sold on Beau Ryan as host.

But at least Mum and Daughter team, Rowah and Amani, were saved by a non-elimination round.

The diverse cast of contestants are continually the best part of the show.

There’s been a lot of backstabbing in this show already, and we’re only three episodes in!

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