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A Waterfall Cascades Down This Lush Mountain Lodge

A Waterfall Cascades Down This Lush Mountain Lodge

Staying at the Magic Mountain Lodge nestled deep in the Huilo Huilo Private Natural Reserve in Chile is like stepping into a hobbit castle, or one inhabited by whimsical wood-sprites.


True to its name, this boutique hotel is built from locally-sourced wood and stone in the conical shape of a volcano, covered in lush moss and complete with flowing water “lava” streaming down the exterior walls.


Given its enchanting appearance, it’s really saying something that this one-of-a-kind hotel is almost upstaged by its surroundings – the pristine, verdant Patagonian rainforest, filled with a number of native bird species (after which each of the hotel’s nine rooms are named) and a teeny-tiny, impossibly cute species of deer called pudús.


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Embark on an outdoor adventure like horseback riding, rafting or hiking, play mini-golf on a course built right into the forest, and end the day by soaking in a hot tub hollowed out of a giant tree trunk. It’s about as close to magic as a non-hobbit can get.

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