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A Vegas-Style Wedding Chapel Is Coming To Melbourne

A Vegas-Style Wedding Chapel Is Coming To Melbourne

We all know that US culture has well and truly infiltrated Australia. For years our commercial radio stations and televisions have been flooded with American content. No matter where you go in Australia, McDonalds, Subway and KFC are pretty much unavoidable. Each year, more and more children seem to knock on your door requesting “candy” on Halloween, and super melty-cheese burgers and slow cooked barbecue certainly seem to be enjoying their moment in the hip foodie spotlight. But here’s something we haven’t seen before.

The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo is a Vegas-style wedding chapel – a first-of-its-kind “one stop shop” venue opening in Melbourne on March 1, designed to celebrate love in all of its modern day and/or alternative forms. The church is open 24-hours a day, offering a creative space and three-hour ceremony blocks for commitment rituals, civil unions, weddings and other displays of romantic love and partnerships. Under law, Victorian couples wishing to be wed there will still need to apply for their marriage licence 30 days before they say “I do”.


The church is the latest offering from Get Notorious, the company owned by Jerome Borazio – yes, THE Jerome, the namesake for St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. Get Notorious are the team behind a number of previous and current unique Melbourne venues including 1000 Pound Bend, Sister Bella, St Jerome’s and Ponyfish Island.

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The church is down the end of a cobblestone laneway next to another Get Notorious venue, 1000 Pound Bend, which is available for receptions. You can book the Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo via a form on their website.

Reckon this is the coolest idea ever? I do. (Get it?)

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