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A Look Inside The World’s Only Barbie Themed Hotel Room

A Look Inside The World’s Only Barbie Themed Hotel Room

For many kids, getting your hands on a Barbie Dream House was probably the be all and end all of your childhood. It was pastel pick perfection. So much so that at one point you probably begged your parents to paint your walls pink (to which they chose to wilfully ignore).

It’s OK, because the Hilton Panama have just made your lifelong Barbie dreams come true. Come on Barbie, let’s go party.


Teaming up with Mattel, the Hilton Panama have created a one-of-a-kind Barbie themed hotel room for their guests. The special room, which is available until August 15, lets fans experience the famous doll’s shockingly pink world in all its glory.


The Barbie Room comes equipped with exclusive Barbie decor items not found anywhere else: bedding, movies, toys, dolls, games, furniture, costumes and more.


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The beds are (sadly) made for children, but there is a connecting room for the kidults keen on joining in on the fun. There’s a Barbie menu at the hotel’s restaurant and a Barbie-themed beauty package at the day spa too.


Life in plastic, it’s fantastic, no? Bookings can be made via the hotel’s website.

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