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A Drive-Through Cheese Toastie Shop Just Opened In Melbourne

A Drive-Through Cheese Toastie Shop Just Opened In Melbourne

The philosophy behind Melbourne’s newest drive-through cheese toastie eatery is pretty simple – when you mix bread and cheese, magic happens. We all know it, we’ve all felt it, and now we can do it all without leaving the comfort of our cars.

What a time to be alive.


Cheese and Bread is located in a yellow shipping container on High Street in Preston, and it’s a revelation. Melbourne’s probably out-Melbourne’d itself (again) with this one, but we’re not complaining.


But this isn’t your average cheese toastie shop by no means – Cheese and Bread tote their creations as “toasted sandwich recipes your mother never dared to dish out”. We’re talking toasties made with a signature house blend cheese, and with juicy American wagu patties and crispy beef strips as well. Cheese dreams are made of these.



They’ve got six toasties on menu, each lovingly named after famous duos in pop culture. There’s the Tom & Jerry (house blend cheese), the Mario & Luigi (pesto, roma and house blend cheese), the Lenny & Carl (macaroni, béchamel sauce and house blend cheese) and the Bert & Ernie (roast beef, caramelised onions, spinach and house blend cheese). For dessert there’s the Winnie & Tigger, which includes Nutella, icing sprinkles and, of course, more of that house blend cheese.

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Cheese and Bread is open weekdays from 6am.

(All images: Cheese and Bread)

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