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The Best Travel Stocking Stuffers Under $50

The Best Travel Stocking Stuffers Under $50

So the silly season has arrived, but before you go all out in celebration of the end of the year, have you started on that Christmas list yet? If you’re struggling to think up some quick and easy gifts for your globetrotting pals or even your jet-setting parents, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered eight of the best stocking stuffers you can grab in the days leading up to Christmas. The best part? They won’t break the bank – all of them are under $50 so you can easily buy two and keep one for yourself.

#1 Really good earplugs

Try: Moldex Disposable Earplugs, 25 pairs for $14

(Photo: Amazon)

There’s nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep – especially when you have to be up early in the morning for a 15 hour trek across a new city. Whether you’re on a plane, in a 20-bunk hostel dorm or even just in a loud city, a lack of earplugs could be the one thing holding you back from getting that precious REM sleep you crave. These Moldex ones are supposedly one of the best (cheap) brand in the game – their colouring even makes them look like tiny scoops of ice cream. Cute.

#2 A universal travel adaptor

Try: Jackson Universal Twin USB Travel Adaptor, $27

Never underestimate the value in owning your own universal travel adaptor. This tiny device will save you from having to remember whether US power points have two straight skinny prongs or two round prongs because each and every adaptor option is on here, meaning the incessant Googling can finally end. (It’s two skinny prongs, if you’re still wondering). Funnily enough, this is the kind of device you never think to buy for yourself – you’re more often asking friends to borrow theirs or stealing one from your parents – but trust us when we say that every traveller needs one of these.

#3 Smartphone-friendly gloves

Try: Kathmandu Unisex Merino Gloves, $40


Ever tried using your smartphone with regular woollen gloves on? You’ll be swiping ’til the cows come home because our touch screens need the currents that run through our fingers to work. So thank heavens for these amazing new smartphone gloves that use magic conductive materials to transmit electrical currents from our fingertips to our phones. They’re a must if you’re travelling in winter – nobody wants to take their gloves off every time they want to snap a smartphone pic.


#4 A handy cord organiser

Try: Cocoon Cable Organiser, $25

With these little organisers you’ll never worry about where you put your pen, where your headphones have disappeared to or even where your tiny SD card has wedged itself. You can keep each and every tiny knick-knack together on this cool organiser that fits easily in any purse, laptop bag or travel case. Your future self will thank you.

#5 A portable rain hood

Try: Hood to go, $25


Just look how cool, calm and collected this woman is – you know why? It’s because she is ready for any conceivable weather situation with her very own attachable hood. These travel hoods slip easily under any jacket or coat so you can traverse the rain in style and not be lugged down by an additional rain jacket. They’re also compact enough to stuff into your pocket once the sun comes out – easy!

#6 A diary for all your travel stubs

Try: Travel stub diary, $15

Need a place for all those ticket stubs, metro cards and booklets you’ve collected on your journey? These travel stub diaries are a great way to keep all those little bits and pieces together in one place. It’s a perfect gift for the obsessive collector in your life who wants to remember all the train trips you took around Europe or what exact day you visited the Eiffel Tower.

#7 A crumpled city map

Try: Crumpled city, $19


Never feel overwhelmed by trying to refold a giant oversized map again – these indestructible maps are meant to be crumpled up, thrown about and shoved into your pocket while you’re out exploring. There’s never been an easier way to navigate the city.


#8 Kitschy travel tags

Try: These from Zazzle, prices range from $16 to $19

Everybody loves a funny travel tag, whether it’s one that practically shouts “Clearly not yours!” to deter sneaky thieves or others that take the whole baggage thing a little too seriously, like this one. You can even jump on a trend with this Keep Calm, It’s Not Yours tag, or even these great personalised ones that will never let you forget your bag.


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