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8 Extremely Good Reasons To Go To Fiji

8 Extremely Good Reasons To Go To Fiji

There are three types of people in this world; people who have been to Fiji, people who want to go to Fiji, and liars. This is the celestial archipelago of over 300 small, but perfectly formed, island dreamscapes known officially as ‘the home of happiness’.

Not satisfied with perfect beaches, fresh seafood, lush rainforest and beautiful waterfalls? Then there’s also an embarrassment of island adventure activities to pursue as well, from soft coral diving and zip-lining, to mountain climbing and surfing.

If, by whatever strange quirk of your personality, you need more than one reason to go to Fiji – other than the fact that Fiji exists – you’re in luck, because we’ve pulled together eight more.


Live out your secret ‘Cast Away’ dreams


Always secretly thought you could navigate that tropical paradise far better than soft, old Tom Hanks? Well this small, uninhabited island of Monuriki was exactly the same one he screamed at a volleyball on way back in 2001.

While you can’t officially stay on the island, every other neighbouring island sells day trips out to what’s commonly referred to as the ‘Tom Hanks Island’. The island, of course, is beautiful – home to a wide lagoon with a small, lively reef that’s perfect for snorkelling.

Monuriki Island. Photo: Tourism Fiji

Go to the best music retreat in the world


Once upon a time the promoter geniuses behind Sydney’s Courtyard, Marco Polo and Pacha parties came up with something that sounded a lot like a pipe-dream – a boutique, tropical island music retreat – which they turned into a reality two-years-ago.

Your Paradise sees 600 revellers head to Fiji to get lost in trap, bass and future house for five days and nights of pool and boat parties, scuba diving and surfing on Malolo Lailai. This year the musical guests include the likes of Skrillex and OWSLA (his label), Slumberjack, What So Not, Anna Lunoe and Akouo. The whole trip is serious bucket list stuff. Check out the full package and line-up HERE.

Ride down a natural water slide


Taveuni Island, on Vanua Levu’s east coast, is known as ‘Fiji’s Garden of Eden’. Protected within the confines of the Bouma National Heritage Park, it’s thick with rare orchids and prehistoric tree-ferns and crisscrossed by glassy waterfalls and long, winding, naturally-formed water slides.

The longest cuts through a massive 50 metres of lush rainforest and rushes quickly over a smooth, sloped rock-bed. While you may leave with a couple of light bruises, they’re well worth the thrill of the slide. You can stay on the island (we recommend the Garden Island Resort as it’s closest to the water chute) and anyone you come across should be able to point you in the right direction of the slide.

Photo: Tourism Fiji

Spend a few nights (literally) above water


Show any sane person a picture of an overwater bungalow and suddenly they have a new life goal. Case in point: Likuliku Lagoon Resort, home to Fiji’s first overwater huts. It’s basically the same as staying in any beautiful, tropical villa but everything you do is suspended above the clear blue sea. Eat breakfast over the sea. Take a bath over the sea. Watch the latest season of OITNB over the sea. Glass floors and table-tops throughout your hut will leave you so hypnotised by the crystalline water and little fishies that you’ll walk into furniture.

Photo: Likuliku Lagoon Resort

Drink kava with the locals


Vanua Levu is Fiji’s second biggest island, accessible by way of a short flight from Nadi, and on the south coast of the island lies the eco-friendly Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort (which is reopening after restoration and renovation on September 1, 2016). As the name suggests, it’s a resort dedicated to diving – they even have an on-site marine biologist to guide you.

The island also gives you a chance to engage with traditional village life with a tour of Nukubaluvu Village. Here you’re invited to take part in a proper Sevu-Sevu (gift giving) ceremony and afterwards you can choose to get involved with some kava drinking and traditional dance with grass-skirted locals.

Photo: Krzysztof Kryza/Flickr

Live like the 1% on your own private island


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The ultimate in ‘treat yo self’ accommodation: a private chef, your own staff and an entire island. Probably not something you’d ever forget, and of all the tropical island rental situations around the world, Fiji actually has the most affordable options. Go in with some friends for Nukubati Island or go full helicopter-arrival-Kardashianesque-decadence on adults only Royal Davui. You can see our dream listings of rentable Fijian islands here.

Photo: One island, please.

Try fire-walking where it all started


Sitting just off the previously mentioned Vanua Levu’s southern coast is Beqa Island – home to the local Sawau tribe, the people who originally created the art of fire walking. Here you can watch a traditional fire walking ceremony where local warriors cross burning embers from a lovo (an earth oven). The brave can even participate.

The blue lagoon surrounding Beqa is also famous, and makes it very obvious as to why Fiji is considered the soft coral diving capital of the world with ghost pipefish, seahorses, blue ribbon eels and so, so many other sea friends to make.

Photo: Mark at Making It Up As I Go

Pearl diving in pristine Savusavu


You haven’t seen a pearl farm ’til you’ve seen Justin Hunter’s pearl farm. Hunter has been growing pearls in the pristine waters of Savusavu Bay for over ten years, employing and training local divers to check and harvest the pearls.

Here you can go on what’s basically a wine tour, but with pearls. You learn about the process of growing, harvesting and choosing pearls – all while your eye-balls soak up sunlight dancing in the deep blue and you stop for a lunch of, uh, oysters?

Photo: Tourism Fiji [/listicle]

(Lead image: Your Paradise)

There’s no better excuse to go to Fiji than Your Paradise: check out the line-up (including Skrillex and Akouo!) and reserve your place HERE.

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