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Throw Out Your Selfie Sticks: The Flying Selfie Camera Has Arrived

Throw Out Your Selfie Sticks: The Flying Selfie Camera Has Arrived

Selfies have come a long way since some Australian dude claims to have coined the term after a big night out in 2002. Myspace was essentially a gallery of high-angle self-portraits of serious teenagers, smartphones fed into the trend by introducing front-facing cameras, and selfie sticks allowed tourists to widen the angle of their view while compromising both their own safety and the general well-being of the people around them.

And now, here we are, at the dawn of a new age in the selfie evolution. Enter the ROAM-e. Created in Australia this year, the ROAM-e is what would happen if you crossed a selfie stick with a drone; it’s a flying camera specifically designed to capture the memorable moments of its operator from above.

Crowd faces HERO

It does this through facial recognition instead of through a device, never straying more than three metres from its subject – your mug – when in ‘selfie mode’.

Joe face HERO

The 1080p flying camera can follow its owner (goodness, that feels weird to say) for up to 20 minutes and is no bigger than a bottle of water. So what does this mean for travel? Well, it seems like a pretty good way to capture some of those hands-free holiday moments like bike riding or sipping wine while also holding a canapé. Plus, you can live stream your adventures in case anyone sitting at their computer thinks they *might* be having a better time than you. (They’re definitely not.)


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According to the below instructional video, you and your group of very attractive friends are going to want to have the ROAM-e on hand next time you have a hybrid BMX/dance party in an abandoned warehouse.


ROAM-e units will be available for sale by early August, and they can be ordered online now for $499AUD. Go ahead and express yourself(ie).

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