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6 Travel Accessories You Definitely Need This Summer

6 Travel Accessories You Definitely Need This Summer

Ah summer – never a bummer, right? Especially when you’re embracing all that vitamin D and chillaxing beside your go-to swimming hole. But you know what will make that even more epic? Some of these super cool accessories, for sure. And when we say these are summer must haves, we mean it – who wouldn’t want a pool floatie shaped like a pizza? Here’s six of the best travel accessories that will instantly raise the coolness factor at your next pool party/beach outing/group camping trip. They’ll even work as excellent Christmas presents for your sun-lovin’ mates.

#1 The ultimate pool floatie


The aforementioned inflatable pizza floatie is our number one pick for obvious reasons – it’s a floatie shaped like a damn pizza! It’s a travesty no one ever thought to make this before now. The crust makes for a comfortable neck pillow, the triangle shape is friendly for the human body and, perhaps most importantly, there’s even cup holders for a few pool-side tinnies. Grab eight of them and you’ll have a whole entire pizza to play with.

#2 The swankiest beach blanket going around

(Photo: Lagu)

The holy grail for beach-goers – Lagu has just introduced a SAND RESISTANT BEACH TOWEL. Sorry for shouting, but seriously – is this not the best thing ever? We all have a certain love/hate relationship with sand – we love sinking our toes in and burring out friends under it, but we definitely hate bringing it back home with us. So when we heard about a beach towel that repels sand, we were all ears. Sand just doesn’t stick to it, even when wet – this magical blanket is also quick-drying, compact and allergen-free. This just ticked every box.

#3 A pop-up tent, what a cinch!

(Photo: Cinch)

The ultimate pop-up tent – Cinch takes mere seconds to set up, so there’s no hissy fits over missing pegs or accidentally poking your camp-mate with a wayward tent pole. These tents also come with a solar-powered pack which you can use to charge your devices while out and about. There’s also LED lighting, LED tent pegs and light reflective guy ropes which makes it way easy to find your tent among the hundred of others at a festival. Handy!

#4 A beach mat that charges your phone and chills your beers

(Photo: left image, beachill_mattress/Instagram, right image, sayahelie/Instagram)

The future is here – you can now get an eco-friendly beach mat that charges your phone and keeps you beverages cool while you’re at the beach. The Beachill powers its built-in thermal fridge and recharges electronic devices using solar power which is sourced from a handy little panel on the mat’s pillow. Perfect for all those times your phone has gone dead while at the beach – with the beachill mat you can Instagram ’til the cows come home.

#5 The go-anywhere speaker

(Photo: Fugoo)

What’s a pool party without accompanying Drake songs? What’s a camping trip without some atmospheric sounds from Sigur Rós? Or really, what’s any summer activity without accompanying tunes? This speaker from Fugoo has got you covered, whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re headed. It’s sand proof, snow proof and waterproof up to one metre and for 30 minutes – which means you’ll be set for any and all outdoor activities.

#6 A “flask” light

(Photo: VSSL)

Yep, you guessed right – this is a flashlight and flask in one. The VSSL Flask is a flashlight designed to hold your booze, and a few extra goodies, for an easily accessible midnight bev in the dark. Designed with portability in mind, the flask contains two collapsible shot glasses, a bottle opener, a compass and yeah, a flashlight with batteries. Just FYI, it can hold up to 300 millilitres of your beverage of choice within its sleek exterior. Just amazing.

(Lead image: Lagu)

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