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6 Destinations For The Enthusiastic Dog Lover In Your Life

6 Destinations For The Enthusiastic Dog Lover In Your Life

Receiving a slobbery hug from an overbearing Labrador should be high on anyone’s happy scale – even if you’re not that into dogs, you really can’t say that looking at the magnificent creature in the header image doesn’t make you swoon at least a little bit

They’re Man’s Best Friend for a reason, and that’s why travelling can be so difficult without your friendly companion by your side. To combat this, we’ve compiled a list of places you can plan your trip around that include some seriously cool holiday “pooching” (a word we’ve just invented that means visiting and cuddling with some of the most special canines from around the world).


#1 Don’t Stop Retrievin’

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(Photo: Golden Retriever Club Of Scotland)

Your blonde jokes might fall a little flat here. The Annual Golden Retriever Festival at Guisachan Guest House in central Scotland is like Disneyland for dog lovers, and indeed it has got to be one of the happiest places on earth. Run by the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland, this festival is celebrated at the ancestral home of this glorious breed and sees upwards of 220 Golden Retrievers gather on the grounds of the guest house.

#2 A dog surfing competition

(Photo: Surf City Surf Dog)

Surf City Surf Dog, held at Huntington Beach, California, is proving that surfing has really gone to the dogs as it prepares for its seventh annual tournament next month. The competition attracts over 65 furry friends from all over the USA to ride the waves in hope of taking out the title of the ultimate Surf Dog. There’ll be Bulldogs. There’ll be Golden Retrievers. There’s be Labradors. And oh yes, there will be Pugs.


#3 A film festival devoted to dogs


It’s Canines, not Cannes, you guys. The Good Dog! International Film Festival takes place annually in March in Balmain, New South Wales and showcases films that feature dogs – from Airbud to Red Dog to Marley & Me (*tear*) and so much more. From next year the festival will be screened Australia-wide and will even tour internationally. All profits are donated to Australian and international dog charities, so if that doesn’t make you say ‘awwww’ then we don’t know what will.

#4 Nepal thanks dogs for their loyalty

(Photo: Portuguese Sushi)

During the Hindu festival of Diwali there’s a special day in Nepal that’s devoted entirely to honouring man’s best friend. ‘Kukur Tihar’ celebrates and thanks our four-legged buddies for always being loyal and for supporting their human companions. Owners decorate their dogs with floral garlands and red forehead paint before serving them delicious food in an effort to show their appreciation and compassion towards them.

#5 Get a little snooty at a dog museum


The American Kennel Club’s Museum of the Dog is home to the world’s finest collection of canine-dedicated art. There’s sculptures of Great Danes, intricate oil paintings of Kelpies and even a lithograph of three French Hounds. The museum boasts that it is “people-friendly, family-friendly and dog-friendly,” so package up your pooch and head on over to St. Louis, Missouri for a truly posh gallery experience.

#6 A dog themed hotel

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without a hotel shaped like a dog. I mean, really. At the Dog Bark Park Inn in central Idaho, you can stay inside a giant building shaped like a Beagle complete with doggy-themed amenities. There’s crochet doggy pillows, doggy biscuits on arrival and even a double bed complete with intricately detailed wooden dog decorations. Astounding.

(Lead image: RD Elsie/Flickr)

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