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Responsible Luxury: The Rise Of 5-Star Sustainable Hotels

Responsible Luxury: The Rise Of 5-Star Sustainable Hotels

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Australia is seeing a rise in sustainable hotels and innovative hospitality companies, from restaurants to hotels and Crystalbrook Collection is leading the charge across the nation helping Aussies travel with a lighter footprint.

The Crystalbrook Collection hosts a variety of hotels and resorts, each purpose-built with its own personality and modern design, with luxury at the forefront. But luxury doesn’t have to come without responsibility — the Crystalbrook initiative is all about enjoying the best life has to offer but with the idea that it’s all responsible luxury. As the company states, the little things can make a big difference.

Crystalbrook’s Pledge For #ResponsibleLuxury

It’s possible to have the 5-star experience without breaking the bank, and while also supporting businesses doing their bit to implement responsible practices that are harmonious to the environment and society.

Crystalbrook hotels aspire to protect the environment and create experiences that are not only sustainable but experiences that enhance the stay of all guests.

From partnering with EarthCheck for more sustainable tourism to implementing Climate Calories across their restaurants to enable guests to enjoy their meals comfortable with the fact that they’re mitigating environmental impacts, Crystalbrook is ticking many boxes when it comes to making a difference to the environment.

Ensuring no waste is left behind, the collection boasts over a million plastic water bottles have been saved, while also achieving 100% waste-free bathrooms with all amenities being biodegradable or recyclable.

When The Little Things Make A Difference

From farming their own beef at the Crystalbrook Station three hours from Cairns, to Crystalbrook Byron hosting three thriving honeybee colonies, the notion of responsible luxury is at the forefront of what Crystalbrook does.

As the company states, the little things can make a big difference — from replacing plastic key cards to enter rooms with recycled wood tokens, to saying no to plastic water bottles, using solar power, and keeping cash-free, the collection also offers incentives for guests to also make their mark. For each night guests choose to opt-out of having their room serviced, they’ll receive a $10 food and beverage credit to spend at the Crystalbrook restaurants or bars.

And while food waste will always exist at some level, Crystalbrook has partnered with OzHarvest so that any wastage is distributed to those in need.

What it’s like to stay at Crystalbrook

Crystalbrook hosted myself and my sister at their Crystalbrook Flynn hotel based in beautiful Cairns, a funky, luxury hotel with ambient music and a couple of jars of lollies greeting us on arrival.

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From the recycled door token, to the signature dressing gowns, glass water bottles, and a menu at the local Flynn’s Italian restaurant boasting fresh and local produce, the stay was not only relaxing and luxurious but it felt better knowing that our stay was as responsible as it could be.

Sometimes when you’re staying at a hotel it’s easy to get carried away and use all the amenities at your leisure, not thinking about the impacts it could have: from the tiny plastic bottles of lotion and body wash, to keeping the air-con on full blast, to using every towel and getting fresh ones from room service the next day just because you can.

Crystalbrook makes you think twice about such things and the need for them, all while still providing a stay that feels as luxurious as it can be. Just one stay there changed my perception on how I see and use accommodation when travelling and it’s also something that I’ll keep mindful of from now on.

All imagery is courtesy of Crystalbrook Collection.

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