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5 Of The Best Dog Beaches To Take Your Woofer To This Weekend

5 Of The Best Dog Beaches To Take Your Woofer To This Weekend

Great, sprawling beaches are the lifeblood of what we enjoy most about our country. But an idyllic stretch of sand sprawling with good little doggies is something to be particularly passionate about. Agree? Thought so.

Sharing a beach day with your doggo is what we’re all about, especially if they can be off leash to run around goofily happy, just like you. We went ahead and collated the best off-leash dog beaches from around the country.

#1 Bayview Dog Beach At Rowland Reserve, Sydney

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Points for being dog-friendly and jaw-droppingly beautiful, Bayview sits at the bottom of a lovely North Sydney valley. There’s also a large grass reserve before the water in case your woofer is more partial to hard ground. 

#2 Brighton Dog Beach, Melbourne

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While your pupper prances at your heels, you’ll get to enjoy a pretty excellent view of the Melbourne skyline from the shore. It’s so good, in fact, that the beach is a popular spot for New Year’s Eve fireworks. There’s even a portable dog groomer and coffee cart that come around in popular times for the ultimate dog day.

#3 O’Sullivans Beach, Adelaide

O’Sullivans is a lovely, long stretch of sand that’s a big favourite among locals. This is probably because the off-leash section also extends to Christie Beach, giving your little buddy a really good chance to spread all four of their legs properly.

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#4 Kingston Beach, Hobart

Not too far out of Hobart, Kingston Beach has a sweet inlet of shallow water perfect for little and big dogs to splash around in. This area, where Brown River meets Derwent, is the off-leash part but it follows around to a larger swimming beach if you wanted a splash for yourself.

#5 Whitfords Beach, Perth

You can find Whitfords Dog Beach just north of Hillarys Boat Harbour, a secluded paradise with a giant run of beautifully white sand and clear water. There’s regularly some small waves for the dogs to play in, and showers to wash them off in before they get back in your car. There’s also coffee and juice vans for the owners to enjoy while the doggies run wild.

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