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Spaghetti Doughnuts Are About To Land In NYC

Spaghetti Doughnuts Are About To Land In NYC

Two of the world’s favourite carby treats, doughnuts and pasta, have finally joined forces to give New York City a deliciously silly treat.

As part of the popular Brooklyn food festival Smorgasburg, pasta vendor Pop Pasta are introducing its brand new creation to the public. They describe it as “slow food meets fast food” offering  customers a convenient way of eating pasta on the go. Innovative, really.

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The food is a take on the classic American ‘spaghetti pie’ of pasta, cheese and eggs. You can buy a spaghetti doughnut in five different flavours, including zucchini, parmigiana and carbonara. Have a look at all of them here.

So far, we’re only aware of the food making an appearance at this weekend’s festival but keep an eye out on Instagram for future appearances. Currently Pop Pasta only offers catering, but who knows. We might be seeing a lot more of the spaghetti doughnut in years to come – here’s hoping!

(Lead image: rebekahlowin/Instagram)

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