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5 Jobs Where You Don’t Have To Choose Between Work And Travel

5 Jobs Where You Don’t Have To Choose Between Work And Travel

It’s life’s greatest conundrum. How can you both make money and satisfy that insatiable wanderlust within you? Sure, those four weeks of annual leave are great, but it’s never enough. And the whole process of accruing leave to go away or blowing all your cash on that one ‘trip of a lifetime’ is bonkers. Seriously, why can’t we have both?

There is a way to do it, and it means never having to choose between work and travel again. We’re living in the digital age, which means becoming a digital nomad is totally an option. Working remotely or planting yourself overseas is a viable alternative to the nine-to-five grind, so here’s some remote job ideas to get you started.

Freelance writer


Freelance writing is not the easiest way to make a living, but if you can pitch, write clean copy and have no qualms about living from paycheque to paycheque, then freelancing is a great way to work and see the world. Freelancing has a myriad of benefits but the most promising is the flexibility it provides to budding travellers.

Freelancing isn’t just contained to writing either. Whether your skills lie in photography, videography, graphic designing, consulting or marketing fields, there’s a bounty of ways that you can capitalise on your existing skill-set with the help of a trusty Wi-Fi connection. Check out our features on living a digital nomad lifestyle below:


Online store owner

Thinking of starting your own business? Good news – you might also get some travel out of it. There are countless freedoms that come with owning your own business – including the freedom to decide your own hours, the freedom to delegate work, and maybe most importantly, the freedom to pack up, bid your hometown adieu and start working remotely.

Depending on your product, owning your own online store will inevitably lead to a few international scouting trips or promotional tours to get your name out there. To achieve such a dream you’ll need to have mastered the entrepreneurial lifestyle and learn to never give up, even when the going gets tough.

Website coder


When you think of a website coder, you probably think of someone holed up in a dark room chugging Red Bulls with the shades drawn (have I been watching too much Silicon Valley?). But this isn’t always the case. Thanks to the illustrious world of the Internet, coders can pretty much work from any location imaginable – granted there’s a solid internet connection. The art of coding isn’t something you can perfect overnight, but there’s a bounty of online resources to help you get there. Luckily enough, the coding industry is booming, so there’s never been a better time to get involved.

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SEO/Social Marketing

SEO (or search engine optimisation) is the new buzzword in marketing these days – and it’s all because of a shift from traditional marketing to more digital, personalised avenues. Companies are always looking for ways to get their product to more people, so they don’t mind investing in a solid online marketing consultant who knows a thing or two about getting the word out. This is where the travel part comes in – working in SEO or social marketing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be committed to a nine-to-five desk job. Companies might even look favourably to someone who’s positioned in a market they’re wanting to branch out into – you can work remotely in said space to learn the ins and outs of how to market there.

English teacher


By virtue of reading this, I’m just going to assume you have a pretty good grasp of the English language – great! But did you know that’s a marketable tool? English teachers are always in high demand, both at home and abroad. By taking a job as an ESL (English as a second language) teacher overseas, you’ll get to help students while immersing yourself in the customs and culture of the place you’re visiting. Heads up: some positions may require a certification or even a Bachelor’s Degree, so it’s good to keep this mind if you’re thinking of taking this route.

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