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These Very Good Doggos Are Hong Kong’s Newest Ambassadors

These Very Good Doggos Are Hong Kong’s Newest Ambassadors

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A family of pooches been enlisted to showcase the unique artistic, historic and cultural beauty of Hong Kong, China’s, Old Town Central from a four-legged perspective.


But this family of floofs aren’t your regular pack of doggos — the five adorable shiba inus, known collectively as WE5, have an impressive 29,000-strong following across Instagram and Facebook, and have called the Central-Sheung Wan district home for over seven years.

To capture the footage, the pups were kitted out with a few gadgets like mounted cameras to capture their favourite spots and wag-detecting sensors to gauge exactly when they were doin’ a heckin’ excite (and the occasional bamboozle).

Over two days of shooting, the pup-tographers snapped over 400 images of the art, history, culture, and food the area is famed for. You can check a bunch of them out over on their Instagram page.

As part of the campaign, Old Town Central has launched a bunch of themed walking tracks in an effort to promote tourism. Not only do they show off all the beauty the ancient beauty on offer, there’s also a very real chance of running into one of the famed doggos and giving them a little boop.

  • Fly in to Hong Kong National Airport
  • Take the Airport Express bus to Hong Kong Station
  • Walk 9 minutes to Central Station
  • Take the train to Sheung Wan Station
  • Walk 400m to Sheung Wan
  • Sheung Wan, China

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(Lead Image: Discover Hong Kong)

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